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    Coal India - Black Diamond

    In 2014, India was the largest importer of Coal in the world. Production inefficiency, unavailability of rakes, etc lowered the levels of production significantly. Its just been 2 years, and today, India is looking to export coal - a transformation that has dramatically shaken up the coal...
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    Coal India to Invest $223.3 Million in Mutual Funds

    Coal India Ltd., which has cash reserves of about 430 billion rupees ($9.6 billion), plans to invest up to 10 billion rupees ($223.3 million) in mutual funds this year as part of a new strategy to get better returns on its surplus cash, the company's finance director said. The world's largest...
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    IPO Grey Market and Listing Behaviour

    Hi , Could we have inputs from the experts about how we can relate the grey market prices and the listing price of the stock. Also from their experience , they could share how the price moves during the day. 1.Opening 2.Lowest Point / Time Usually 3.Highest Point 4.Closing How can we...