1. V


    Hi Friends, My name is Vipul Ramaiya, and I'm a CMT charterholder. My experience with the financial markets extends to 2005, when I first visited my friend who used to work with Sharekhan. Ever since, the markets have always fascinated me and I remain an eager student to learn all the time as...
  2. negidude26

    Charted Market Technician- CMT certification.

    Hi, is there anyone who has given cmt certification examination.. I want to do but I am confused .... They said that person should be employed in a financial line. But i am an engineer but have been a part time good trader.. What can i do. Please guide seniors...
  3. A

    CMT Level II

    Hello, I am looking out for CMT Level II sample paper or question bank kind of stuff. If any one can share some detail it would great. Also, If any one have "systematic technical analysis" ebook please share a link. Thanks