1. P

    Risk of war with China at highest

    As we approach harsh winter in Ladakh, the risk of current situation escalating into a war is at its highest. And current scenario has similarities with what happened in 1962. Back then, Nehru followed a Forward Policy - of creating observation posts to monitor Chinese activity on their side of...
  2. timepass

    Should all the Coronavirus patients be deported to China ?

    Considering that coronavirus is a native of China, and that China now claims to have had success in arresting is spread, I think it is correct to deport the corona positive patients from all over the world to China. What do you think ? I am testing a multiple choice voting here, so feel free...
  3. R

    Chinese Bear Market! Did we hear it right?

    I am writing on this forum after a loooong time, but I hope to be more frequent. TODAY, instead of the levels and targets and stops, lets talk about the Financial Markets from a different and broader perspective. Bloomberg is 'shouting' of the onset of the Chinese Bear Market. In fact...