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    Chartsdata & IntradayAFL

    I purchased RT data (NSE Equity) from, which was economical as well as efficient. I used it for 1 month without any problems. However, I paid Rs. 500 for its renewal on 29-07-2013, but my account was not renewed. The Support chatbox is always offline, there is no response even if...
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    How to Identify Buy Sell Signals

    Pls tell me how I will identify Buy and Sell signals form the below mentioned charts. What are the basic rules to identify the signals? Before identify of any Buy signal or when a buy signal is generating, then how I will understand that this particular buy signal will give me profit...
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    help in chartsdata full

    I have downloaded chartsdata crack from this site but is not working. I worked on limited version with 2 scrips but couldn't find how to extract to notepad or excel . I am new to this technical analysis softwares. please guide. Thanks
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    Hi All, First post in Traderji. I am an intraday trader and started doing F&O a year before and planning to do that in full stretch. Hey, Where can I get the ChartsData software? Any help? Thanks, Regards, Sharmila