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    Hi All

    hi All, I am new to Traderji. I went through some post and it is very interesting to see the knowledge that his being shared in this site. It is my good time that I have joined Traderji and looking forward to get enlightened in the world of trading. I am not a very active trader so far and...
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    Need line chart program for making momentum chart

    . Hello everyone = I am a momentum investor. I am looking for a simple chart program that I can make a ETF line chart watch list with. I once used Microsoft Charts on the Web to do this with, but then MS changed companies, and limited the amount of ETF I could enter. I am looking to...
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    Charting Software (desktop) and RT data

    Hi, I am new to this forum. Plenty of useful information out here. I am familiar with US markets but new to Indian markets. I am looking for a desktop software package and data feed from NSE, BSE for equities, equity options and futures. What are the appropriate (suitably priced and...
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    Charting Software

    Hi, Cud you pls. let me know a good online charting software which will provide online-real time charts for technical analysis for all stocks (not only for selected stocks like nifty etc..) while market is open.