chart pattern

  1. Bharat William

    Trading Nifty Futures for intraday

    This was an interesting answer written by one of our frequent forum users, Srinivas. Quoting his method: “The information that I use to take a Nifty futures intraday trade: Nifty close to previous close, immediate levels Nifty could test, Nifty 3 day trend, 5 day trend, 14 day trend, 30 day...
  2. M

    Chart Pattern Help

    Frnds, I am new to technical analysis and learning the concepts. During this I am trying to analyse using chart patterns. In the attached screen shot I am trying to analyse Vijaya bank stock, where I am seeing symmetrical triangle pattern. please correct me if I am wrong. thx, Mullangi
  3. Tharu

    Chart patterns

    With big events happening in market, observed few chart patterns in daily and weekly charts.. I will post my observations here.. Am a very beginner... Opened a demat account before 6 months.. Learning TA from TJ for the past 4 months sincerely and seriously.. Still bad at making entries and...
  4. M

    Technical views appreciated

    I need some help to interpret attached chart. My query is... - Have I drawn a correct channle or trendlines? What would be my target upon any break-out (downward or upward)?