chart pattern breakout

  1. SwayamDas

    Dragonfly Doji in Lupin Charts

    Hello Guys, I seem to have found a Dragonfly Doji Presence in the chart below but what happens when a Dragonfly Doji appears after a sort of uptrend? HELP please!
  2. M

    Technical views appreciated

    I need some help to interpret attached chart. My query is... - Have I drawn a correct channle or trendlines? What would be my target upon any break-out (downward or upward)?
  3. Z

    Chart pattern breakout-derivatives to short

    Analysis of BANKBARODA-1M (BANKBARODA-1M) on 24-10-2008 Closing Price: 244.35 A Symmetrical Triangle entry signal was generated. Enter short at the open of the next trading day with a stop-loss set at 266.90. The minimum price objective for the Symmetrical Triangle pattern is 219.50 and is...