1. S

    STT-Squp charges in Upstox

    - Who charges STT-squp charges ? Is it the broker or exchange ? - How can I calculate STT-squp Charges ? Any documents or link for the same would be great
  2. G

    Break even for my portfolio

    Hey guys, I am new here and newbie in stock market. I have just started trading. I have purchased 4 shares @83.25 (BALRAMCHIN),3 shares @121.55 (GSFC),5 shares @69.95(SAIL) (all NSE trades). Broker charged me (delivery) Rs.1.59 ,2.32,1.34 per share respectively. They provide brokerages @0.3% for...
  3. P

    Zerodha call-and-trade charge of Rs 20 on MIS/BO/CO (intraday) orders

    Zerodha now charges (20/- + taxes) on every intraday position that is not squared off before 3.20pm. Their system auto squares off each open position, and they charge 20/- per order. Here is the link with full details: Now this is the first...
  4. R

    thanks to mtraderji

    I buy and sell stocks on the same day and I also buy,hold and sell stocks on the SBICAQPSECS. I am happywith the dealings with them. BUT I have one small question. I do not understand why they charge a different brokerage on the intraday transaction on some stocks 5 paise ,on some 6 paise on...
  5. A

    What taxes and charges does your broker deducts from your earnings on equities?

    I have an account with Karvy and place all orders myself and they are charging me following: Service Tax STT Transaction Charges NSE Handling and other charges Sebi Tax Stamp Duty Brokerage What about your broker? Does your broker charge you same? Especially, Stamp Duty and...
  6. V

    Illegal Business Practises!!

    Hi, My Name is Vijay Gupta and I am new to this forum. I am writing my case here in hope that I will get a positive help here. I opened Demat account in both Jyoti Commodities Pvt. Ltd. and Jyoti Portfolio Ltd. and give agent the cheque for 5000/- in favor of each account. Cheques got...
  7. M

    ICICI Direct for Mutual Funds

    Hi Guys, I am planning to invest in Mutual Funds about 5000pm thru SIP. I am about to open a 3in1 Account with ICICI Direct. I know that demat account is not required for Mutual Funds, and they can be brought direct from the Fund House. But I think having a Demat Account will help me keep...
  8. K


    pls advise the brokerage incluse of all other charges and taxes you face for various trades... just a ball park im with karvy... Equity delivery = 1% (Buying & Selling included) Futures = 0.1% (Buying & selling included) Krishna.
  9. J

    Mutual Fund Charges

    Dear Sir , I am an Indian Investor in Mutual Funds . I would be greatly obliged if you could spare some moments to bring me out of my confusion . I understand SEBI has instructed all Mutual Fund to stop charging the Initial Expenses which could be ammortized over a period of 3...
  10. B

    How to make Day trading work when broker (Kotak) charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs. 800

    Kotak charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs.800. How to make day trading work? Hi, I need your help in understanding if I am being charged correctly and how to make day trading work. I recently purchased 100 shares of 'Bank of Baroda' at 730.5 and sold them 738.67. I thought I made a cool Rs...
  11. lazytrader

    Demat and its nuances

    I decided to start a new thread on demat because this is one of the least discussed topics when it comes to trading and no one seems to be interested. The problem is however that I am a technical person (no not the analysis type technical as in electronics and comps). I have gained a little...