capital gain

  1. B

    How to Calculate Capital gain for Partial Withdrawal

    Hello Friends, How to Calculate Capital gain for Partial Withdrawal of Debt or Equity Mutual fund? Say I have 36K in Mutual funds. After few time it became 36.5K. I want to withdraw 8K for my needs. How to calculate gain & Tax?
  2. sashsaha0

    Confused about Share khan ledger balance and capital gain report

    Hello I am really confused about share khan capital gain report and ledger balance my query is does share khan shows the profit u earned in ledger balance or these two are totally different ?
  3. K

    Capital gains query: bonus from MF to be included in cost?

    Suppose, we have the following ledger for a mutual fund (liquid fund) MAR 1, 2013: Bought 100 units for 10Rs/unit. Total = 1000Rs Mar 23,2013: Bonus of 10 units given by AMC at 10Rs/unit. Total value = 100Rs Apr 30,2013: Sold 110 units at 8.2Rs/unit. Total = 900Rs Should the bonus amount be...
  4. I

    Cost basis for bonus shares

    What is the cost basis for bonus shares? How should I calculate capital gain when I sell bonus shares?
  5. vishoo27

    Tax Calculation for Derivatives (FNO) 2010-2011

    Hi All, I'm new to trading. I did make some money trading NIFTY. (Options & Futures). I lost some as well. Net I'm in profit for this financial year. Can someone tell me how to calculate the Capital Gains from FNO. Can I rewite the losses against the gains? Which form should be filled...
  6. I

    "Cost of Acquisition of shares"

    I am a newbie in stock investing. There are following 5 types of charges on my bill. 1) Brokerage 2) Regulatory Charges 3) STT 4) Service tax on brokerage 5) Stamp duty charges I know for sure that brokerage cost is used in calculating cost of acquistion. My goal is to educate myself...