1. S

    Does value of O H L C changes with beginning of next candlestick ?

    Given in the screenshot there is a O H L C value highlighted under red colour. My question: Is the value changed with upcoming of next candlestick ? Please give in yes/no with one sentence answer... it will be enough for me. Thanks !
  2. trendtrade

    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    Hello Friends There are so many websites available online which explain the various Technical Analysis Patterns / Concepts etc. that it becomes overwhelming. If you have any particular favorite source, which explains the concepts with the help of Drawings or Chart Examples etc. and also...
  3. A

    What to do when several bullish candlesticks are formed

    Please see the attached image. I've learned the reversal candlestick patterns but I couldn't find what to do in such a situation where a stock suddenly starts moving up.
  4. kingsmasher1

    Is it recommended to trade on first strong bullish/bearish candle?

    Hi All, So this is the chart of TataSteel-Apr-27 Future. If you see the second candle of the day, it went high strong bullish from 488.79 to 493.26, and it does so with good volume !! But the next one was a reversal. So, my question is - Is it recommended to dive in to trade with the first...
  5. V

    Master the craft of Candlestick charting?

    My interest area is trend reversal and candlesticks. I am also a great admirer of fundamental analysis which everybody should study. Here I want to discuss Doji which can be a powerful indicator trend reversal as well. :lol: In most of the cases Doji has correctly marked the change of...
  6. E

    Hello Everyone

    I am *Evening Star* :p That's how the candle formation looks like when most of us enter the trades. Want to just trade for living and I know it has the potential of changing lives if learnt properly. :thumb:
  7. N

    Greetings from New Bee !

    Dear All There! Greetings from New Bee! As my name suggests I am very very new to Traderji and trading. I am a regular reader of Traderji Forums and the same gave me confidence to enter the trading world. Hope I would be welcomed by all. Can I request the members to kindly interpret the...
  8. A

    Bank NIFTY Day Trading

    Hi, I have been using this strategy for sometime with BANK NIFTY with very good success. Here it is. 1) Wait for a doji or pinbar to form in 30 minute chart. 2) switch to 5 minute chart 3) Go long when a bull bar closes above the Doji close or pinbar body with stop loss as the Doji...
  9. M

    Morning Doji Star Pattern & related strategies

    Hello Friends, I'm trying to learn various candlestick pattern & trying to work out a method that can be really effective. I was told that morning doji star is very effective bullish pattern. While working with last 6-12 monhs data I found above is very true as almost 45 stocks (out of...
  10. R

    CandleStick Charts??? what are they

    hey can any body tell me in detail how to study the candle stick charts for intraday trading....