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    Explore Daily candle in a Weekly candle - Help

    Can someone help me write an AFL for the below condition? Condition (when AFL is 'Explored') to filter and display SCRIPS: (i) Weekly ROC % >= 25% (ii) The same Weekly candle needs to have at least one Daily ROC % as an Upper Circuit*. * Range has to be: a) 5% => 4.90 - 5% b) 10% => 9.50 -...
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    Amibroker Chart settings:

    Hi All members, When I plot last month's Open, High Low Close lines on the chart, it shrinks the candle size so much that it really makes hard to find if the prices are moving or now. Please help me so that i can adjust the chart settings to the normal. It is not necessary that all...
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    Need AFL: Advance Decline Ratio: Chart in Amibroker

    Hi All, I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot Advance Decline Ratio Chart. The chart should plot as candlesticks. Members please help.
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    understanding technical analysis.

    Hi, I am a beginner, and trying to understand the charting and some technical analysis stuff. I am confused about how to understand candle stick in strategies/indicators To start up with I have selected 3 indicators : MACD & SMS & EMA. Please tell me how to understand these strategies...
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    How can i change the qoute time of charts in QuoteTracker for indian mcx exchange

    Sirji i installed QuoteTracker and configured it to use with Indian Mcx exchange..the rates get refreshed when i click refresh button but in chart there is only one candle at 15:40 that gets modified and created..can u please help me with this problem... Thank you, R.K. Jaiswal.