call tips

  1. sdalal

    TCS: Short for now

    TCS: On friday the stock just broke the short support channel and close below 50 EMA.. RSI has also shown a negative divergence and to help to go down Macd is turning towards negative and STOCH also in downward direction. Strategy is to short for immediate target of 733 and 704. Last support...
  2. sdalal

    NIFTY: Ready for retrace

    NIFTY DAILY CHART SOME BOUNCE BACK EXPECTED , As nifty has testing the support not one but support we are intersecting each other.
  3. sdalal

    Nifty strategy for 4th feb 2010

    We saw good win by a bulls,but it was necessary for nifty to touch 4976. Todays close 4932. Strategy for 4th feb for NIFTY CASH Nifty: Support at 4898. Below 4898 we can see 4865. Above 4950 the nifty will touch 4982/84. Go short if nifty goes below or trade below for some time at...