call sell adjustments reliance

  1. timircha

    how call and put is exercised after expiry.

    If we have stock of reliance 500 shares and we sold call of reliance at strike price of 1500. and reliance closed at Rs. 1515 at end of expiry. so now my call is ITM, and If do not squared off reliance call of strike price 1500 till expiry. Now I wanted to know it is clearing house is settled...
  2. V

    Adjustments for naked call sell

    In october series i have taken 900 CALL SELL position in RELIANCE stock. when the stock is at 840 to 850 range.Suddenly in few days it got to 900 which is ATM . Is there any adjustments that i can make to reduce my loss ? i thought of square off 900 ce position for loss and sell further...