call options

  1. punam.fintrade

    Option Chain Analysis

    Can anyone help with detail material on Option Chain . How to Analyze it / Interpret it in detail. Any Book name / PDF / Links would be appreciated. Need detail Information please.
  2. C

    Hi Everyone

    :clap: Hello everyone , i am new here, basically looking for help and ideas on trading in options. I am very new to the whole idea of trading in options. Thanks :)
  3. V

    Mispriced options

    Sirs, Will the seniors guide me as to what are the mispriced options in respect of Nifty Index? for example : a web site says that following options are mispriced.How? I want to know! of course without any involvement of complicated mathematical equations of black scholes. nifty is at...
  4. M

    Buy 1x 3050 call, Sell 2x 3100 calls.

    If you think the NIFTY is not going to be above 3150 on the 26th of Feb 2009, but could get close then: a) Buy 1000 contracts of 3050 strike calls @ 33.0 b) Sell 2000 contracts of 3100 strike calls @ 19.25 (You can do any number in the ratio of buy 1x and sell 2x. I will use 1000 by 2000...