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  1. punam.fintrade

    Option Chain Analysis

    Can anyone help with detail material on Option Chain . How to Analyze it / Interpret it in detail. Any Book name / PDF / Links would be appreciated. Need detail Information please.
  2. C

    Hi Everyone

    :clap: Hello everyone , i am new here, basically looking for help and ideas on trading in options. I am very new to the whole idea of trading in options. Thanks :)
  3. R

    Query on Put writing continued...

    Hi Firstly I would like to thank Leonoid for taking the time to clear my question on Put writing mentioned below. However having said so I am wondering if what I am now suggesting can help me make some money. I have 3 scenarios in mind Scenario 1 At current levels I feel the nifty is in an...
  4. T

    Taxes charged on Option Trading

    Dear Friends, I would like to know that how much tax does one pay on one transaction of nifty call/put options? if the broker charges me 0.01 paise one side or 1000 per crore of turnover. how much will I taxes will be charged including all types of taxes on lets say a Nifty 5500 call...