call option put option

  1. timircha

    how margin calculated on sold calls or puts

    Hi How the margin is calculated on sold calls and sold puts. I got that shares are transferred into broker a/c and still they charged interest charges because of cash ledger has not sufficient amount. so for sold calls and sold puts margin must be in cash amount or share margin is valid. If...
  2. punam.fintrade

    Option Chain Analysis

    Can anyone help with detail material on Option Chain . How to Analyze it / Interpret it in detail. Any Book name / PDF / Links would be appreciated. Need detail Information please.
  3. C

    Hi Everyone

    :clap: Hello everyone , i am new here, basically looking for help and ideas on trading in options. I am very new to the whole idea of trading in options. Thanks :)
  4. R

    Query on Put writing continued...

    Hi Firstly I would like to thank Leonoid for taking the time to clear my question on Put writing mentioned below. However having said so I am wondering if what I am now suggesting can help me make some money. I have 3 scenarios in mind Scenario 1 At current levels I feel the nifty is in an...
  5. T

    Taxes charged on Option Trading

    Dear Friends, I would like to know that how much tax does one pay on one transaction of nifty call/put options? if the broker charges me 0.01 paise one side or 1000 per crore of turnover. how much will I taxes will be charged including all types of taxes on lets say a Nifty 5500 call...