calendar spread

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    NSE spread contract

    Traders, I have query regarding NSE predefined future spreads which we can find select top 20 spread contracts in drop down menu. It looks like INSTRUMENT TYPE SYMBOL EXPIRY DATE BEST BID(Qty) BEST BID(Price) BEST ASK(Price) BEST...
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    Delivery of Gold in Demat form in MCX

    Hi Is it possible to take delivery of gold and silver in demat form on expiry of a long futures contract traded on MCX? If yes, what are the charges, taxes involved? Do I have to pay some extra charges to the custodian as carrying cost? I am interested in doing calendar spread trading and if...
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    Types of Spread Orders at NSE for Option Trading

    Hi to Everybody, I am here to discuss the types of orders / Spread Oreder, either offered by the Broker or Accepted by the NSE. Till date we are seeing tradeable liquidity only in Index option. This month onward Stock option will be European Style. and it's expected to increase in...