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    Tax and brokerage intraday 2014.

    I want to know what is the profit (my net earnings ) after deducting the brokerage and all kind of taxes in intraday trading. Suppose a share is bought for rs 431 and sold for rs 431.35. what will be net amount i will gain after paying all the taxes?? Brokerage is .02% both sides Also if i...
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    Please explain to me how net rate and intra day rates are calculated for optionstrade

    Hello Everybody, I just wanted to know how net rate and Intra day rates are calculated for options trade by Share Khan.Listing all the queries as follows:- 1.Buy rate was 64.10,Selling rate 67.00,then how Net rate 63.77 and Intra day rate 62.65 derived? 2.When call 5400, 1 lot was...
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    Importance of Accurate measurement

    Hi all! How many of you think that it is important to measure/know exactly how much you have paid to broker and what should be the sell price of stock for which you will get exact no profit/loss or 100 Rs or 3.2%(as example) profit/loss in your statement (after deducting all taxes and...