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    Share Trading performance

    Hi can anyone suggest a method of evaluating performance of share trading. I mean how to find Rate of Return or CAGR when shares are bought and sold throughout the year. I am not starting with a fixed capital I will buy and sell shares as per signals generated.
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    ROI / IRR / CAGR - Finance Industry ?

    Say I Finance 75 vehicles Initial Capital : = 75 vehicles * 180,000 Lac per vehicle = 13,500,000 Rate of Interest : 1.3% per month However Calculation practise in the Industry is such that for 36 months : Interest : 1.3% * 36 * 180,000 = 84,240 EMI Amount : (84,240 + 180,000) / 36 = 7340 So...
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    Is there any site which gives CAGR returns of share price?

    For eg I want to know what compounded annual growth rate return is given by RIL from 2000 to till now then from where do I get such data? I know CAGR can be easily calculated in excel, but that dividends/stock splits/bonus, etc. have to be tracked and accounted separately. So I wanted to...