buy sell signal

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    Please identify this indicator for by sell signal

    Please could you tell me this indicator used for cross over and buy sell signal
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    Currency futures trading with smc gobal securities

    Hello friends, I have been using currency futures trading using SMC. They provide Buy and Sell signal with their odin diet software. They have a Super Trend indicator for stop losses. Does anyone also use the same method for currency futures trading? Anyone,please share some...
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    how to use afl files in amibroker for live buy sell signal

    hello all here, i got the Amibroker software and thankx to traderji forum i got what i was looking for the formulas AFLs but as i am a new user i dont know how to use the afl files plz guide me what i have to do in setting if der is i pick the afl files in auto analysis but...
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    How to Identify Buy Sell Signals

    Pls tell me how I will identify Buy and Sell signals form the below mentioned charts. What are the basic rules to identify the signals? Before identify of any Buy signal or when a buy signal is generating, then how I will understand that this particular buy signal will give me profit...