1. C

    (MCX GoldM + Fixed Deposits) vs Gold Coins as Investment for 10 Yrs Time Period

    Hi All, I'm an technical trader and has been actively involved from last 5 yrs in equity and derivatives. What I need to understand is something related to bullion. The scenario is I have got a windfall cash of 18 lacs and thought of going for gold for my children, now it struck me that I...
  2. vssoma

    Silver is Gold

    Gold shines, but silver is the moneymaker........... Silver has been a better hunting ground for speculative profits than gold this year. A big reason is how much cheaper it is for a speculator to get into the metal. still we don't have a thread on SILVER specially to discuss and share...
  3. aravinthrajm

    Gold & silver daily levels - aravinthrajm

    Dear traders, You can find this thread getting updated daily with international Spot Gold & Silver levels. I will be posting the performance also. If you find it useful please reply.