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    Minimum Fix Brokarage For Religare

    do religare charge any fix minimal brokerage like angel broking charge of RS30? If someone do small turnover then is they are going to charge any amount to earn their brokerage?
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    Stamp Duty Charges in Trading

    My area of operation is Punjab, my broker is charging me 0.05% ( Rs 50 per 1,00,000/-) stamp duty on Intra Day Trades as well as Delivery Based Trades on both sides of trades. I have come to know in Maharashtra it is 0.002% ( Rs 2 per 1,00,000/-). Can some tell me if I am being charged correctly...
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    Need Urgent Advise on Bajaj Capital Unlimited Trading Account

    Dear All I have just one quick question on Demate Account opening with Bajaj Capital under banner of They are offering me an Zero Brokerage account with a annual fee of Rs. 10099 with a free ODin Client Terminal. Just wondering how reliable the account is. And if any body...