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    Hi, I am Sam. 26 year’s young entrepreneur very much interested in forex investments & trading. I hope I will get better suggestion, recommendations & help from experts of this community. Can anyone suggest where I can learn some basics of forex trading?
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    Need help in understanding the forex trade brokrage

    Hi, I am a graduate in Bangalore. For my first job, I have been given an opportunity in a company dealing in Forex, commodities. Being new to this field, I am not sure what exactly does the job entail. I am good at communicating with people.Since I have started to enquire about this...
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    Broker advice

    Hi, Has enyone had experiance with these borkers, how are they, is there any problem getting your money back from them ? i tried the reviews by google, but it seems the good reviews are put by themselves and bad ones by their competetors. these are the list of brokerss i want your oppenion...
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    Brokerage to trade USDINR futures on NSE

    Do any of the commonly used equity brokerages (Reliance money, ICICI direct.. etc) provide USDINR futures on NSE? I've noticed that NSE has higher liquidity, (and tighter spreads) than MCX-SX.. would really appreciate to get some experienced insights here. I am thinking of R K Global as a...