1. H

    How to detect weekly inside bar candle breakout in daily timeframe?

    I tried with code, that finds weekly inside bar with NR7. I need to detect where in daily, the candle breaks the range of weekly inside bar. I could not find the exact daily candle for that. Need some help on this.
  2. I

    Traditional Break out Strategy

    Hi Friends, In this Thread I am trying to share my Break out Strategy and at the same time I would like to take your suggestions to fine tune my Strategy so that it will be helpful to all. Below are the sequential Steps that I Used to follow when posting a Signal 1. I trade on only...
  3. mlg

    Hitachi home & life solutions (india) ltd

    I was tracking Hitachi for last 1 month. This my analysis. As per my analysis, Hitachi did a breakout. Hitachi did a break out @ 1400 with high volume Stock is trading above, 1. Above Bearish Resistance Line with high volume in P&F chart. 2. Above upper Bollinger band. 3. CCI and RSI is in...
  4. R

    How to code this Strategy ?

    Hi, First of all thanks to the teachers on the forum (especially Saint). I am just a new learner (obvious from my posts). Hence, request all the senior members to help. I had tested a strategy which had given good results on chartnexus. Strategy is: "N-days-Breakouts". The AFL has more...
  5. D

    Result Day Strategy 16 May 2014

    Dear all Being an iron condor trader for quite a while I have been making slow but steady money for last few months. Though last few months were a condor trader's nightmare due to insane VIX spikes and one sided bullish ralley, but sticking with rules still returned as 2% monthly returns. I...
  6. sdalal

    RELIGARE-Cool Off before big Bang

    RELIGARE: Stock breached its long term resistance line on 23rd april. The declining trendline which started in Jan 2008, continued as a big resistance till it broke out . breakout was confirmed with high volume. As of Now stock will come to test the earlier resistance line which is now a...
  7. sdalal

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010 (DAILY CHART) I see some Upmove in coming week. Other support seems to 200 EMA,it has not broken the same. And Now trading above the Mid Term Support line. Channel Breakout Confirmed,on 15th feb 2010. now have a resistance 4924. 3 March: Nifty...