1. silverlining

    Learning Technical Analysis

    Learning Technical Analysis book by Robert Edwards . Does anyone else read that book before ?
  2. goldenedge

    The only book you need to master trading.

    I was looking for a book which organizes everything a trader needs to transition from a ignorant beginner to a good professional. I find that most trading books ignore one or many aspects of successful trading. I stumbled upon this book recently which CHANGED MY LIFE. :thumb: Name: The...
  3. $

    Please Suggest Me good Books for Startup

    Hi i am new to this field by profession i am a software Engg. but i am very much interested to learn the stock market and want to earn some money from it i am not in hurry to earn huge money. Thanks $hekhar
  4. K

    fibonacci learning

    Halo Friends, I want to learn about the CORRECT usage of fibonacci retracement indicator. Can anyone suggest a book or anyother learning source to learn. Thank you.
  5. A

    CMT Level II

    Hello, I am looking out for CMT Level II sample paper or question bank kind of stuff. If any one can share some detail it would great. Also, If any one have "systematic technical analysis" ebook please share a link. Thanks
  6. R

    A New book on TA(Indian perspective) by Martin J Pring

    Hi all, I recently saw a book on technical analysis by Martin J Pring. Complete Guide to Technical Analysis [An Indian Perspective] At first look i got so excited that Pring has written a book on TA as in Indian perspective. But i checked on and didn't find this book. It's...
  7. R

    Best Book for Mutual Funds

    My financial advisors seriously bog me down with the number of options available in mutual funds. Can anybody suggest me a good book which can help me understand mutual fund terminology in a factsheet and mutual fund documentation ?