best brokerage

  1. pannet1

    Best NSE Index Options Brokerage Plan

    Hi, I got a little tired of finding an alternate broker from the one that I am using currently. So I want to create a Poll to find out what others are using and its easy to come to a conclusion. Please participate in the poll only if you are trading with that broker. Even if you have more than...
  2. A

    Lowest Brokerage Charges

    Hi All, I am new to trading i want to know best company who offer lowest brokerage in Delhi/NCR
  3. K

    Want to do trading but have no time

    Hello Guys, I want to trade aggressively but have no time to follow stock market. Could you please suggest on below? 1) Best broker with lowest charges 2) Who will do trading on my behalf ( Intraday ) 3) Who would be transparent with trades done ( I should get list of trades) Thanks.
  4. C

    Best Brokerage Firm in India

    Hello Gurus in India, Fast forward to 3+ years. All the forums I see at least 3 yeas old for which brokerage firm is best in India. I am wondering to see if things got improved from 2009+ in brokerage firms. I see lot of complaints regarding Reliance Money, Axis 3 in 1, ICICI, Sharekhan...
  5. I

    Motilal Oswal v/s Sharekhan?

    Hello everybody! I'd like to know whether Sharekhan is a better option or Motilal Oswal on the basis of service, advice, brokerage and the website interface and speed? I'm a small investor. Also, how is the motilal oswal portfolio management service where they handle everything and promise...