1. A

    Trading Journal ( For Absolute Beginners)

    FONT="Georgia"]Hi Greetings ! iam Ankush. I have just started doing trading and I dont have any experience in stock trading or intraday trading. I have gained some basic knowlege by observing and reading post and threads in traderji and accuired some theory knowlege and now its best time i...
  2. A

    Hello to Everyone

    hello everyone.. I see myself as a beginner in this trading world.. and I am desperate to know how all this work especially the online virtual trading section.. It would be very helpful for a beginner like me if you guys share some basic and important things of trading with me..
  3. J

    Want to learn basics of share market!

    Hello everybody, I am a newbie, I want to know about the basics about share market. Since, there is no experience one to help in this thing, I am relied on myself to learn those. I hope this would be the best place for. Help me! Thank You.
  4. Srikanth.Haritsya

    Super Noob Questions (Seeking Help)

    Hello all, I wish to open a thread for "Noobs" like me who are aspiring to be future (Super Duper) Forex traders. Now coming to who's 'me' : I am a knowledge hungry, extremely energetic twit; amused by ideas of Steve Jobs, Gates, Buffets .., .., .. so on, (shortly to be one amongst those)...