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    New to Trading - doubt about tax/charges for Leverage provided by Stock brokers

    Hi All I am new to Stock market and Day Trading.I have a very basic Question . As we know Stock brokers are giving 20 X ,10 X Leverage to buy more stocks based on capital amount we have in Equity Day Trading (MIS) My Doubt is , do we need to pay any Tax to government /charges for that...
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    Hi Everyone

    I'm Srilekha, work online, ex-software eng. I do work on PTC Sites, article writing, create websites for small business.. Now i'm learning Stock trading, Forex trading also.. Can anyone Please guide from the basic steps..BTW Forex trading is legal in india? Plz adivce, Thank you
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    Commodity Futures trading process

    Hi Friends, I am a beginner in commodity futures trading arena and need guidance in understanding the basics. here are a few queries? Reatime Data - Are all real time data providers provide same data? i like using the MT 4/5 platform and I find that the data on my terminal does not match...
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    Want to learn basics of share market!

    Hello everybody, I am a newbie, I want to know about the basics about share market. Since, there is no experience one to help in this thing, I am relied on myself to learn those. I hope this would be the best place for. Help me! Thank You.
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    A ver basic question on costs related to trading

    Hey all, I have been following the markets since few months and recently want to start trading. But, before that I am trying to build up an Excel model for myself for which I need to know some points. One of the things that I want to know is what all sort of costs are related to trading...