1. M

    Thicker Bar size amibroker

    i am a newbie and need help form amibroker coders i need thicker bar size, here is the code which i got it from traderji fourm. Please amend it. screen shot attached. _SECTION_BEGIN("HLC chart no open"); // Get Previous Day's close, Low and High Prev_Close = TimeFrameGetPrice(...
  2. J

    AFL to plot High Low Close in Bar Chart (No Open)

    Hi Members, You all have always been of great help and support. I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot HLC (High Low Close) in a bar chart. I tried much but could not succeed in omitting plotting of Close in the bar chart. I have attached an image. The image highlighted in RED...
  3. J

    Need Help: Bar Chart Color

    Hi Members, Can you help me with the AFL for the BAR Price Charts such that when: close < open = RED close > open = GREEN I have attached an image for reference. Thanks.
  4. vikrit

    Pinocchio Bar (Pin Bar) Formation & System

    In this thread will post details of pin bar formation (abbreviation Pinocchio bar formation). The term coined by Martin Pring. The source of details is google, these are my notes on topics as I studied around, I am just a student of TA, not a master, so if anybody find anything wrong or...
  5. Nehal_s143

    Pin Bar System (Nifty sell trade with 24 pts stop loss closed in Profit of 333 pts :)

    Check each chart when the daily bar closes for a pin bar Make sure it is bouncing off of a major support and resistance level If the pin is pointing up against the resistance level we are looking to sell If the pin is pointing down against the support level we are looking to buy Set...