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    Banking on banks

    It is easy to look at the flood of bad news that has come in the banking space, and be scared. It is easy to worry about all the bad loans that are yet to be recognized. It is easy to see banks requiring a huge amount of capital infusions to even meet norms, let alone grow their businesses...
  2. K

    Your take on ALBK (NSE Symbol)

    What do you think of Allahabad Bank at current price of 186/-
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    Hello & Greetings from Dadar, Mumbai

    It would be Great if we could buy Silver Certificates BACKED BY PHYSICAL SILVER, in denominations of 50, 100, 500 grams & 1 Kg from Banks wherein A/C, PAN & KYC exists. These certs could be traded at the Bank or Banks who will charge reasonably for their time. This will obviate the Hassel...
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    Possible to take education loan from multiple banks for the same course?

    Am gonna go for MBA in a few months. Can I take education loan of 40 lakh from multiple banks (4 lakh each from 10 banks, because banks provide education loan up to 4 lakh without a collateral)?
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    Goldman Sachs recoemmended buys

    Goldmann sachs has a full fledged research arm for India which recommends its recos to its priviledged clients. One such client posts his recos on the Net at Investing Contrarian. here is the link to the recos: GS Recos for 2010 happy investing folks... fresbee