banknifty futures

  1. S

    Banknifty SureShot Intraday Strategy without any analysis

    Hi, I tested this strategy myself and it is working perfect for me. This strategy works in every market conditions like Upside, downside or sideways. No carry forward, No technical/fundamental Analysis, Less margin in intraday Best time to take position At 09:30 -10 AM: But you can...
  2. coolbull

    MY Pair Trades( Dairy)

    Hi dairy! i will post my intraday and some positional pair trades here(Nifty and banknifty) ( I suggest for intraday trading use discount brokers with good terminal softwares)....... Pair trade is one of the popular hedging technique.......i will also share nifty/ Banknifty...
  3. L

    Need an afl file

    Hi friends, I need an afl which has 70-80% success rate in INTRADAY trading of STOCK FUTURES and BANKNIFTY FUTURE. kindly post the AFL FILE. as soon as possible. all the best to all