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    Bank Deposit vs Investment

    Which of these two options of investment is better-Bank deposit or Investment?
  2. M

    What Is The Benefits Of Current Account !

    Businesses are flourishing in India at a very fast pace due to rising market demands. The manufacturers take care of the requirements of the demanding markets, amidst all this their capital too needs to be looked after; this is exactly what bank current accounts do. Regular saving account cater...
  3. D

    Account Opening

    Hi All, Is there any broker who offers the ability to open a trading account online, without any paperwork? If no, is that because of regulations by SEBI, or something else? Same question for banks too. Thanks.
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    Hope for Monday for Indian Market (?)

    We saw two rallies on Friday (6th March). (1) Indian market rallied strongly towards the afternoon. I thought this could just be some cautious shortcovering before next week which has two holidays. (2) US Markets crashed Friday but made a U turn and recovered in the last half an hour. The...