bank nifty calls

  1. S

    Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 29th Jan'2020.

    Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 29th Jan'2020. The sentiment is Bearish:- Trend will change to positive if we start trading above 31,480. Recent High (10th Jan) :- 32,347 & Recent Low (22rd Jan):- 30,614 23.6% 31,938.012 Pending 38.2% 31,684.994 Pending 50% 31,480.5 Pending 61.8% 31,276.006...
  2. G

    Nifty and banknifty trading strategy with st

    Hello Dear all i am starting this new thread with my very simple to use 60 min supertrend strategy which i have applied and made profits since many months, although sometimes taking a break due to my job constraints and family commitments. Overall i feel this is a nice method. i am now...
  3. SwayamDas

    Need help on Top PSU Banks

    Hello Friends, As you all would be knowing that once the reverse interest cycle starts PSU Banks will rock the charts! So can you provide a list of potential PSU Banks that can generate more returns than the other banks in the PSU?
  4. GainsOne

    Futures trading..!! Limited list..

    This thread is directed towards POSITIONAL trading in nifty, banknifty and stock futures.. Profit booking and re entry may call for some Intraday actions.. This thread is directed only on some active contracts.. and the calls will be centrally directed only on the predefined list.>...