backtesting software

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    Simple and inexpensive Backtesting site/software

    Hello, I need a backtesting software for simple strategies. Amibroker is very expensive. Can you suggest me some website / software which is relatively inexpensive and can backtest EMA crossover / slope kind of strategies? Thanks.
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    hii i need this afl

    Hi, I need this backtest settings for this afl, long = cross(high,ref(hhv(h,55)),-1); exit = cross(ref(adx(!4),-1),adx(14)) or cross(adx(14),40) or cross(ref(llv(l,20),-1),low); please make the afl work for all timeframes and also with backtesting settings for the same
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    Problem with backtesting - A good read.

    Problems with backtesting Excerpt from Fooled by Randomness. The hidden role of chance in life and in the markets.' by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. A backtester is a software program connected to a database of historical prices, which allows me to check the hypothetical past performance of any...
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    AFL coding help needed for backtesting

    Hello, I'm new to AFL coding. I have designed a system that I wish to backtest. Everything works fine but I'm stuck at one simple point. I wish to keep #of shares constant & not to increase with increase in my capital. For example, I wish to trade in 2 lots of Nifty. than how do I let...
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    Need a software/utility to backtest options strategy

    Hello Friends, I need simple utility to backtest few options strategies... could you please explain how you use options oracle and datacenter for backtesting? I have historical options data available for about 10 years (Nifty) and it would be great if I can upload this data and start...
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    testing software

    is there any software available which can help us in backtesting our technique. in which we can move ahead 1 period at a time and test our technique.