1. adesara

    Google Intraday Downloader -spreadsheet

    Google intraday downloader. upto 200 scrips all intervals upto 15 days download possible. format file included in this download. Its little slow but that helps avoiding blockage by Google servers. Stores in different files Every minute whatever is downloaded.
  2. J

    Back Fill for Quote Tracker?

    Hi, Can anyone help me find a URL that will give free backfill data for QuoteTracker? Thanks. Jsvasan
  3. L

    RT data free to Amibroker free

    RT data free to Amibroker Hi Download, install, add symbol (y**oo symbol) click start, now at ami click on symbol-new and without any entry just click ok, all symbol added by you at the suggested utility will come to ami. Check and share whether it's delayed? (I can not take guarantee)...