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    How is this Back Test Report of AFL?

    Hi All, Here is my AFL back test report . Could you please suggest if anything is wrong here. I am getting K value of 0.24 and Profit Factor Over 2. What should be the minimum K value for consistent results. Used last 6 months of data. I used fixed 50 Shares per trade as buying quantity. -Dnyanesh
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    Help needed in coding amibroker afl and back testing for payment

    Hi i have a strategy which i have back tested manually and visually, but now i want to test it with exact numbers for past 10 years of data of nifty intraday.. so looking for some1 who is really good at it.
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    How do I back test a strategy

    Hi, I am a newbie and looking for some advice from seniors. Would you recommend a software for running the strategy backtest? I would like to 1. backtest a strategy that generates single taking multiple time charts into account. 2. test a strategy with stop-loss, square-off defined 3...
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    Back Testing or Paper Trading

    Explained well in this video: Let me know if Paper Trading is a better way to know performance of the strategy?
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    Paper Trading v/s Back Testing

    Explained beautifully in this video!! Let me know if this is true!!