ay 2015-16

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    Tax Audit Due Date extended - Still Time to Catch up

    Dear Friends, I hope you all have finished your tax filings for Financial Year 2014-15. In case you have missed out, then you still got another Four weeks to set things right as the Income-tax Department has extended the due date for tax audit cases upto 31 October 2015. Nikhil
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    Business Tax Returns Filing Started

    Dear All, The tax filing for Business/profession cases in ITR-4 has started. In case you need any assistance, feel free to add to this thread. Regards
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    Are You Covered Under Tax Audit

    Well the annual tax return season is just about to start and its the right time for you to evaluate whether you are supposed to anything more than just filing your tax returns. This posts attempts to cover the issue of applicability of tax audit under various circumstances. Till a few years...