1. kingsmasher1

    Intraday: Should we average our loses making them to profits or square it off?

    After a colorful flying start to my trading career for last 5 months, it made an unfortunate pause yesterday, which can take nearly years to revive :( (see here: https://tradingqna.com/t/4-lakhs-lost-in-an-hour-a-word-of-motivation-and-caution-to-all-traders/16307) Illness may be one of the...
  2. NiftyFantasy

    Pyramid averaging or Stop Loss, which is worthy these days?

    Dear Friends, In the current seesaw market, do you think stop loss is good option for intraday/short/medium term stock trading or for nifty future trading. I think pyramid averaging could be better option than stop loss. (ofcourse you should have a healthy capital for the same). What is your...