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    Amibroker buy/sell -> IBControler -> TWS (Interactive Brokers) /// too many orders submitted

    Hi, I would like to improve my autotrading so I would need your Help. Any help will be appreciated. My problem is , when my Amibroker system scans for a signals (buy or sell ) at the end of each candle (minute candle) there is a signal generated by AFL code. But Amibroker (6.20) sends signal (...
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    What forex or binary trading software is free?

    Hi, For the past few weeks I've reading a lot about those auto trading software that can help you gain money and it seems software is free. Their websites mentioning you don't need any experience. Has anyone tried any of this and can you recommend one? Boris
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    How get top 5 results while scanning in amibroker.

    Hello all, How can we get results in scanning according to position score as back-testing uses position score to rank signals. as i am trying to do autotrading, and using alterif for signal trigger. but while scanning i am not able to filter the top 5 results according to postion score...
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    Trading Platform in Amibroker

    Can we create tradestation in amibroker that will maintain the account as broker account. Add buy sell short cover. Mainatiain the margin.
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    hi , can anybody tell me about the authenticity of Master Saral Auto Trader of are they a reliable broker ? is it wise to invest money with them for auto trading ?:confused: