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    Automating AFL Code Execution for Daily Analysis with Custom Parameters

    I run the AFL code every day in the 'Analysis' window. I manually set parameters and fields such as 'Parameters' entries, 'From' and 'To' dates, 'Periodicity' selection, and 'Watchlist' selection. I want to minimize the need for manual input and perform these operations using AFL coding. Can...
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    Place orders from Amibroker charts with a click

    Hello, Is there a way in Amibroker to draw Entry, Stop Loss and Target lines and then with a click of a button place the same order as Cover or Basket order in the trading account? Can someone give an AFL or an idea to make such AFL? Thanks Anuma
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    AFL to NEST Integration

    I am looking for mechanism by which 1. AFL will publish the information which can be subscribed by third party program 2. Subscriber written will use the published information and will place the orders in NEST (ad not the Nest Plus). Can somebody please guide on both above points?
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    Getting weekly and monthly stock price data

    guys, can anyone pls guide me to a free source of historical weekly and monthly stock prices, just like we get in BSE. I am unable to decipher the URL of BSE to automate it and therefore, looking at other resources. I know how to get daily historical prices for equities from yahoo/google but i...
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    Trading Strategy Consulting & Coding

    Anyone doing trading strategy consulting &/or coding for system based trading using any software on Indian Exchanges?
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    Which software to use for automation with IB TWS API

    I am interested to know if anyone has experience of using IB TWS API with an Automated Trading capable software on an Indian Exchange. I tried NinjaTrader but it simply does not get feed from IB. Am checking out Amibroker now. Anyone know of any other software that can do this for Indian...
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    Reg Best Automated Trading system

    Hi Friends, This is Naveen... I want information about the Automated trading systems... I've written some code using amibroker(Demo-version) and back-tested it... It has given me good results... I want to test it in Real time and this is my first time using the TA Softwares... So Could some one...