auto buy sell

  1. jash_kd

    I have made a new Buy Sell signal system, Plz test it

    Hi Friends, I have made a Auto Buy Sell Trading Signal System in Amibroker. Plz test my ATS and let me know if it is ok or need improvement.
  2. R

    Want auto trade buy and sell bracket order

    Dear frinds, I would like to get an auto trade formula with below given specifications The auto trade should work at the pre-assigned time (eg.9.40, 2.40) it should place bracket order both buy and sell together (eg. if script rate 100 at pre-assigned time it should post +5 buy order...
  3. I

    Programmer here. Need help.

    I have been a part-time (that too very occasional) trader. I am into software development. I am looking for pointers to make an automated trading system. It will be for personal use only. Currently I don't have any strategy in mind, because before indulging into that, I would like to make sure...