1. S

    Tax Return

    Hello, I am looking for a CA to help me file my tax return and audit. I trade in options and commodities. Any recommendations are welcomed.
  2. rivi

    Query on 8% presumptive taxation

    Query on 8% presumptive taxation Hi, AY 2016-17 I did some option trade.Turnover was hardly 20Lakhs.So someone suggested me to declare 8% as a profit to avoid audit..I did that though my income was below 2.5Lakhs.. Now I come to know that if you take 8% presumptive taxation scheme,we cant...
  3. C

    Limited Scrutiny Notice

    hi Friends, I've received limited scrutiny notice for AY 2015-16. I had filed losses for the year in FnO segment. While i'm NOT scared or panicking about this as I've done the filing through a good CA, just wanted to know if any of you have had gone through this experience before. do...
  4. C

    Hello Friends - CA at your service

    Dear All, I am Nikhil kaushik, a Chartered Accountant based out of Mumbai. Will be glad to share my knowledge on tax related matters here. Regards
  5. C

    Do I have to get my accounts audited?

    I am writing to you to get a clarification regarding getting my accounts audited in regard to my stock trading. I am a software professional and I trade Intraday and take delivery of shares as well. 1. I only trade in equities on NSE (no options/futures or forex) 2. My profit+loss turnover...
  6. S

    Accounting Entries and Taxation for Stocks & F&O-A thread for settling these issues.

    Hello All I intend this thread to be the bible for book-keeping auditing and taxation of stock and F&O trading operation. Please add your questions and answer whatever you can from the questions below. Can someone please advise regarding the following: In case, one buys or sells a...