1. A

    Help required - convert to Array Code

    hi, I am new to amibroker but know a little bit about C++. I tried coding the following. Amibroker always encourages coding using Arrays and its efficient as well in performance as well as its elegant. I would like to know how to code the following using Arrays and kindly request experienced...
  2. Sagarocks432

    How to declare array in amibroker afl?

    How to Store Moving avg in array in amibroker afl? When I store number directly to the array afl accepts. f[0] = 16; f[1] = 2; f[3] = 77; f[4] = 40; f[5] = 12071; But when I store moving average in array it rejects. DM[1] = MA(Close,10); DM[2]= MA(Close,25); DM[3]= MA(Close,50); How...