1. P

    P2P exchanges parsers

    Hi there! Recently I started in a crypto arbitrage on P2P deals. If you aren't familiar, its based on the offers to buy crypto with fiat and sell crypto to fiat back with positive margin. So the main job - finding profitable chains between fiat, crypto, payment methods, limits and exchanges. Its...
  2. T

    Arbitrage User ID for Jobbing Delhi/NCR

    Hi everyone, I need help in understanding the process to get User ID for jobbing from brokers in and around Delhi/NCR. I heard that they provide funds too on interest basis and u need to share profits. If u know any brokers who entertain single user also for giving user id, kindly provide the...
  3. CoolDharma

    Infosys Buyback Arbitrage Oppportunity

    Hello All I'm a newbie into equities investing, so please pardon me if my question is too stupid. :) Infosys board has approved buy back at Rs. 1150 and for small investors (holding shares worth less than 2 lacks on record date) acceptance ratio is 59% and it's trading today (20th Sep) at Rs...
  4. K

    Karnataka Bank rights issue

    Hello all!! Karnataka Bank has announced rights issue 1:2 for Rs 70 per share. Current market price ~140 Plan : (courtesy Economic times) Buy 4000 shares @ cmp Sell 1 lot futures @ cmp Apply for rights At expiry square off everything. Problem : =>Bank has not said anything...
  5. P

    Arbitrage question.

    Is it possible to buy a stock on the nse at say 3:30 pm and sell it on the bse at opening bell next day? to take advantage of any arbitrage opportunity? Thanks.
  6. H

    ETF Mispricing.

    I am looking for topic on my dissertation and once among them is to check if there is any mis-pricing in ETF and exploit the arbitrage. I got few questions around it. 1) Where can I find the constituents of an ETF and is it possible to track it on a daily basis 2) What is the best way to proxy...
  7. P

    intra-country arbitrage?

    Hi, I had a question. assuming i have an international broker with me, and the stock that I'm interested in trading in is listed on both stock exchanges (ex: Nyse and dax) Is it possible for me to buy a stock from the nyse and sell it on dax simultaneously and earn a profit via arbitrage...
  8. V


    Can Anybody Guide Me How TO Find Arbitrage Stock For NSE-BSE Arbitrage ? Please Share Your Idea If Any . Everything Is Useful To me. Discuss Arbitrage Opportunities Here.
  9. dream123

    helo, wish u all for lady luck!

    activity: equity, ipo, F&O, arbitrage, forex, diffrent strategies, comodities, other countries market, etc.. in short intrested in all the activities making big money,
  10. S

    How to Exploit Beta of a stock to trade in arbritrage principle?

    Beta of a stock is often defined as the sensitivity of a stock with respect to the market or Index. In other words the beta of a stock is 1.5 with respect to the market or index means each 1% raise or fall in the index the stock will raise or fall by 1.5 %. Now the question is whether this beta...
  11. W

    Pairs trading

    Hi, If you have and excel sheet for analysis or software for pairs trading then kindly send it to me. I will be really greatful.
  12. C

    Hello Friends

    I am bit new in market can any body help me in arbitrage, can any one tell me any of the scrip name in which i can arbitrage which has a big volume in a day and good running scrip i arbitrage in nse and f&o Segment this days there no many arbitrage gaps found in any of the scrip
  13. S

    Question reg. Crop & Futures Arbitrage and Broker for same wanted

    I am interested to arbitrage by buying a grain crop, putting it into an approved warehouse, demat it and sell delivery based futures for it. And maybe sell covered calls. Is this possible, practically? Theoretically yes, but I have not got a single broker who wants to get in, even though I...
  14. C

    Arbitrage trading

    Hello everybody. Can some body help me understand how to make profits in arbitrage trading in NSE
  15. M

    Nifty Futures always better than Mutual Funds

    One of the best arbitrage kinds of opportunities is available in the Indian capital markets owing to the mispricing of nifty futures. In developed markets, the cost-of-carry is usually linked closely with the prevalent interest rates and the minutest amount of mispricing is quickly captured by...
  16. P

    Scrips For Arbitrage (NSE - BSE)

    Hi Traderji, Well I have started working with a broker as an arbitrageur. I am doing cash to Cash Trading (NSE - BSE trading). Its really getting difficult for me to find a good scrip to Arbitrage (cash to cash), I am Right now Working with Chambal and DCB. WOuld anyone Suggest some Scrips...