arbitrage trade

  1. P

    Arbitrage question.

    Is it possible to buy a stock on the nse at say 3:30 pm and sell it on the bse at opening bell next day? to take advantage of any arbitrage opportunity? Thanks.
  2. P

    intra-country arbitrage?

    Hi, I had a question. assuming i have an international broker with me, and the stock that I'm interested in trading in is listed on both stock exchanges (ex: Nyse and dax) Is it possible for me to buy a stock from the nyse and sell it on dax simultaneously and earn a profit via arbitrage...
  3. J

    VWAP trading

    I have seen very large moves during last half hour of contract expiry. I have heard people say that such moves are due to arbitrage unwinding. Can someone please explain it in detail? Why do these moves take place? Also in some stocks there is an upmove while in others there is a downmove...
  4. devinchopra

    Urgent help needed with Arbitrage Opportunity

    Hey, I am new at this, but I have found an arbitrage opportunity and I want help with it. There is a share trading at 100 on NSE in cash market and the same share is trading at 101.30 in the Futures market. How do I set up the arbitrage and benefit from this opportunity? Kindly help...
  5. P

    Which broker allows Bse Nse cash arbitrage in eq

    Can anyone let me know of a online share brokerage which allows buying a share from bse and selling that same share on nse in intraday? (ie bse nse arbitrage) I have a account with sharekhan but they do not allow such a transaction.
  6. S

    How to Exploit Beta of a stock to trade in arbritrage principle?

    Beta of a stock is often defined as the sensitivity of a stock with respect to the market or Index. In other words the beta of a stock is 1.5 with respect to the market or index means each 1% raise or fall in the index the stock will raise or fall by 1.5 %. Now the question is whether this beta...