annual reports

  1. J

    Annual Report Threadbare ART

    Time for quarter 2 performance reports of various companies... I read lupin ltd report.. though the revenue changed to positive it doesnt seem encouraging. What do you suggest?
  2. R

    What is the due date to submit annual report for listed companies?

    Hi, Financial year ended in Mar 2016, and today it is September but many companies have not yet submitted their annual report. As per my knowledge, due to new accounting standard IND AS, company has been given relaxation on due date to submit annual report But I could not find last due...
  3. abhay.fintech

    Best Website for Latest (updated) Financial Data on Individual Companies

    Dear All, I am trying to prepare an excel file for around 20 companies with all the basic fundamental data (P&L, B/S, Market price) and then the excel will calculate the basic ratios (p/e, p/bv, RoE, RoE/pbv etc). The problem is - Looking into annual report of each and every company for...