1. T

    Column profile in diet odin

    Hello All, I'm a newbie learning trading. So far it has been interesting and fun. Traderjis can you please let me know what does the following abbreviation stand for in a angel diet(odin) column profile(market watch profile): ser/exp, status, ND, C.A, DPR, %OI, In the Money, Fair...
  2. Ganesh543

    Beware Angel Broking Will Cheat You If You Leave Open Short Position For Next Day ?

    I am using online trading services of Angel Broking . On 4th January I short sold 57 shares of tatamotors @820 rupeese On 4th January their application Angel diet stopped working at 3:27 pm and it did not allow me to squareoff 7 short position of Tatamotors @ 820.I was lucky to buy rest of...
  3. Ganesh543

    How Do You Find Services Of Angel Broking ?

    I have trading account with Angel Broking but I want to know your view on online trading services of Angel Broking How Do You Find Online Trading Services Of Angel Broking ? Do you want to recommend any other broking firm ? Hare Krishna Ganesh
  4. K

    Angel broking sold more than what i have

    dear all members i really need a help I have an online account with angel broking pvt. ltd. Prince Anwar shah Road branch Kolkata. My DP ID is (CDSL ********) / trading client id: KLPA***, using angel pda and angel diet as trading platform. From few days I am having debit balance...
  5. R

    Angel Broking : my recommendation

    hi friends after goin thru many threads on brokers, i found tht all brokers hav some disadvantages......... :( i found tht angel broking had least complaints..... i already had an account with sharekhan.... their service is also good, but they charge high brokerage...... so i opened an...
  6. R

    experiences abt angel n jvfinancial??

    hi all i m considering openin an account with either angel or jvfinancial. i would like all of u to share any info or exp with them. cheers