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    How are order executions prioritized?

    Hello, I would like to know how the stock executions are prioritized. I am aware that its prioritized based on price and time basis however i am not clear on what is the next level of priority for execution? For Example: What if 2 people place buy orders at the same time and for the...
  2. R

    sbicapsec questions

    Hi Friends, I am new to this website, today posting my first message I have been in stock market since One year. And had not gain much yet. I want to know that with SBICAPSEC online trading platform, can i Sell my Demat Holdings through AMO (After Market Over) option ? If yes, please...
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    Amo trading

    While giving AMO (after market hours trade )Trade orders are not executing because after giving orders there came a message "Administrator is not allowed to place AMO orders. Order Rejected". Tell me what is the reason for this rejection. Also tell me what is the rules for AMO Trading. Kindly...