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  1. D

    Amibroker problem: Scan/Exploration signals are inconsistent with Chart/Indicator

    There are times that the signals produced by Scan/Exploration are inconsistent with what is plotted in the Chart/Indicator. This does not happen on all dates, just occurring sometimes so it is not easy to spot. Anyone have experienced this on one of their AFLs?
  2. M

    Backtester Driving me nuts :)

    Hi, Need help from people experienced in AFL. I am trying to get the date at which the buy signal was generated in a variable. I need this variable to be part of the decision in the sell signal. So let us say GoldenCross is an array which gets generated whenever there is a crossing of...
  3. T

    NET Tech Photo Any one knows about this
  4. Debarghya Mukherjee

    AFL writing guide for new user

    Hello Friends, I started this thread because I did lot of googling but I have not yet found any good site that helps "How to write AFL". I know there is a site contains AFL Library but it is not sufficient. I have a computer background, so I understand how the process goes, I can write very...
  5. M

    AFL coding help needed for backtesting

    Hello, I'm new to AFL coding. I have designed a system that I wish to backtest. Everything works fine but I'm stuck at one simple point. I wish to keep #of shares constant & not to increase with increase in my capital. For example, I wish to trade in 2 lots of Nifty. than how do I let...
  6. S

    Amibroker For Dummies........a Beginner's Forum On How To Use Amibroker

    Dear all members, I thought to start this thread for all the new and first time users of Amibroker.Since the previous threads about Amibroker are mostly for advanced users, it is beyond the capacity of the new users of Amibroker to comprehend and apply them right away.So, i am humbly inviting...