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    Amibroker: How to create Custom n day interval chart

    Dear Friends, I have Amibroker 5.2 version. I am quite puzzled How to view a 3 day or 5 day chart. I tried to find help in tutorial but somehow got more confused by formula language. Is there an easy way to view different days interval charts like 3 day or 5 day or 15 days. If it can be done...
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    i want this chart's afl ... help me pls NIRMALA_5I

    i want this chart's afl ... help me pls NIRMALA_5I
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    AmiBroker NSE BSE Cash F&O

    Hi, I just downloaded AmiBroker 30 day trial but vant see NSE/BSe CashF&O Scripts. Is there any other software reqired for it. Please help.
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    Amibroker For Dummies........a Beginner's Forum On How To Use Amibroker

    Dear all members, I thought to start this thread for all the new and first time users of Amibroker.Since the previous threads about Amibroker are mostly for advanced users, it is beyond the capacity of the new users of Amibroker to comprehend and apply them right away.So, i am humbly inviting...