amibroker error

  1. kingsmasher1

    Help!! Amibroker not loading global data feeds.

    Hi, I have installed the trial version of Amibroker 64 bit version 6.00.2 and installed the NimbleDataPro (globaldatafeeds plugin). The issue is, when i create a database in Amibroker, and select the datasource, i don't see NimbleData plugin listed there, which simply mean Amibroker is not...
  2. M

    amibroker, help needed please

    I'm using Amibroker auto-analysis for signal alerts for my intraday trading but alerts are not getting sorted beyond 12.59 pm (noon) , here is the exact issue : i use alerts that throws alerts every 5 mins and in order to get the latest alert I keep clicking on the "date" column of automatic...
  3. C

    Help debugging simple AFL code

    Hi, Please help me debug following code. I am encountering error in 6th line when accessing the array Close beyond a certain index. The error encountered is following: Error 10. Array subscript out of range. You must not access array elements outside 0..(BarCount-1) range. You attempted...